Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has chosen Anubis International Assistance, French branch of Anubis Group, to become the partner of its Crisis Center for the repatriation of mortal remains from abroad.
logos-partenaires-maedi-1The contract covers all the needs of assistance and funeral logistics :
+ Abroad
At the time of an event of exceptional nature for which body repatriation can be required.
 + In case of massive deaths
Deployment of human resources and post-mortem equipment.
+ In France
Reception, transfer and organization of ceremony and national tribute on behalf of the Presidency of the Republic.

The majority of the French nationals, tourists or expatriates (near two millions), are potentially concerned by this contract in case of exceptional event. “Since 2004, Anubis set up a specific department to the crisis management. More than thirty interventions around the world (some of big extend) Maracaibo, Bahrain, Haiti, Damascus… have allowed Anubis to be known and recognized as a referent. This contract is important because it is premised on a strategic choice of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, it is also important by its nature, its objectives and its international reach. This shows the quick development of the solutions offered by Anubis Assistance. Moreover this contract is added to major others that we signed this year for other countries of Europe”, assets Dominic VERNHES, CEO Anubis Group.

The Crisis Center coordinates the action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to all the international crisis implying French nationals or calling a humanitarian response. The Crisis Center is in charge of the operational management of the humanitarian crises threatening French nationals abroad and to provide a support in case of political security crisis. The Crisis Center targets emergency situations and operates in the shortest time possible. Its reaction aims to help our nationals in case of evacuation, to take in charge the needs of the victims, to evaluate and to coordinate the necessary humanitarian resources on the stricken zone. It also has for function to bring a support to NGO’s in case of humanitarian crises. To fill its mission, The Crisis Center draws on the 250 embassies and consulates abroad as well as on a network of partners in which Anubis takes part.