« When death occurs, you may need funeral assistance »

When someone you love dies, pain often prevails. During such hardships, being able to count on external assistance and professional support is as important as your friends and family’s support.

Therefore, Anubis offers two types of services to families: repatriation assistance and personal assistance. Whatever the circumstances and places of death may be, our team will mobilize quickly in order to become involved as soon as possible. Facing the lack of dedicated package for bereaved families, Anubis decided to work alongside families and support them throughout the whole repatriation stage.

International Funeral Assistance

While Anubis undertakes the technical and logistics management of a repatriation or funeral, Anubis has furthermore developed a range of personal assistance services. Thanks to its assistance centers and the support of an international network of partners, Anubis offers assistance services to friends and families in order to give them all the help and support they need.

As it is essential to assist families as closely as possible upon bereavement, Anubis offers a whole range of practical and personalized local services:

  • Information and formalities
  • Administrative procedures
  • Interpreters for families abroad
  • Simple or official translation of compulsory documents
  • Advance of funds
  • Reservation of passenger flight tickets
  • Reservation of taxis
  • Reservation of hotels
  • Transportation of personal effects