« Anubis the partner of your skills »

With the constant increase in international trade, people are making far more business trips, while improvements in the standard of living have resulted in leisure, particularly travel, becoming much more important.  The risk of death far from home, whether accidental or natural, is an increasing probability and the need to repatriate bodies is becoming increasingly frequent.

Today, as an insurance company or an assistance company, you offer repatriation policies that, in most cases, include whole life insurance covering repatriation expenses in whole or in part. This option is often discreet and it may force you to organise a service that is not your primary area of expertise. Yet it is your company that will have the great responsibility of managing and coordinating a body repatriation operation, which is fundamentally different from the kind of assistance needed to evacuate a sick person. Experience has shown that there are many complex issues involved in this field.

To deal with these obvious difficulties, ANUBIS set up its first mortal remains repatriation assistance platform in 1995. Formed by multilingual professionals from the funeral sector, ANUBIS manages, organises and coordinates the links in the repatriation chain in whole or in part. Since this important experience, specific services have been developed to respond precisely to the different phases of repatriating a body: mourning psychology, funeral services, air transportation, ticketing, funeral legislation, disaster management action and equipment.

ANUBIS, as an funeral assistance company, is an impartial and special interlocutor for funeral operators. As a result of its business relations with this sector, ANUBIS can count on their services in more than 160 countries.