August 16th, 2005 : An air crash in Maracaïbo causes the death of 160 passengers including 152 French (from Martinique, French West Indies). The State, Ministries, local authorities, families, all request the repatriation of the bodies.
Anubis’ crisis device is immediately activated by the authorities and integrated into the international crisis cell set up by the French State in France and into Venezuela.. Anubis has the responsibility to implement the whole device of repatriation of the victims. The device will be maintained four months in Fort de France and in Paris.
Duration of the mission :
3 months
Human means :
18 funeral technicians,
160 wooden coffins
160 hermetic and filter coffins
200 body bags, 50 masks
and an important quantity of hardware (4 cooled containers, quicklime, sawdust, soldering iron, welding with tin,…)
Means of transport :
1 Military aircraft
2  Boeings 747- 200 Cargo60 plane pallets
300 new straps

2 cargo agents
1 aircraft manager