In order to respond to the various needs of its clientele, Anubis has developed new services and is now able to provide you with the material necessary to achieve your repatriation services.

In fact Anubis markets a full range of refrigerated units, tables and coffins, and post-mortem material to equip the technical rooms of mortuary chambers (health institutions, clinics, private morgues, etc.).

In the same perspective, Anubis offers to set up the organisation of post mortem services, such as transport of the body before and after casketing, tasks of preservation and presentation of the body, provision of coffin and funeral accessories, management of the use of funeral chambers, provision of hearses/specialized vehicles, provision of the personnel necessary to funerals, burial or cremation, etc…

Anubis is available to funeral professionals to offer its expertise in the choice of funeral equipment and in its acquisition.

Anubis can similarly undertake the export, monitoring, storage and delivery of this material.