Anubis has developed awareness and training programs for funeral professionals, administrative bodies and organizations.  Funeral assistance demands very specific knowledge and skills which it is essential to regularly update.  To do this, Anubis has different programs tackling themes as broad as they are varied.

The legislation in force, the repatriation formalities, international transport regulations (air, road and sea), the consideration of traditions and religious customs; these are some of the many topics Anubis covers to enable you to better determine these activities.  Crisis management also requires precise and methodical awareness of the professional participants on a site.  Anubis’ experience in this field is valuable and unique; a good means to share it with you.

On request, our training officers can come to you.

Funeral environment:

  1. preparation of operators and funeral technicians for the situation
  2. identification and analysis of the situation to optimize the repatriation process
  3. listing of local equipment and funeral resources and those to be provide
  4. adaptation to local legislation and funeral processes
  5. establishment of funeral coordination
  6. establishment of an information policy intended to :
    – inform the families
    – anticipate the activity of the funeral chain
    – accurately monitor the evolution of the situation