Anubis offers operational crisis management plans upon disasters entailing multiple deaths (air crashes, natural disasters, etc.). The situation is above all an emergency situation.  It is essential to quickly assess the priorities and the most appropriate decisions for the circumstances (coordination of people involved, method of communication, etc.).

Anubis is now an expert in the establishment of crisis management strategies. Anubis’ expertise in these emergency situations is based on the capitalisation of experience in the construction of emergency plans (air crash in Maracaibo, shipwreck in Bahrain, etc.)

Anubis also provides its clients and partners with its expertise and assistance in crisis management:

Anubis constructs its programmes according to the type of crisis and the people that could be exposed.  Anubis recommends the material and human resources that can be put in place.

Rapid Intervention Units : upon a major crisis, Anubis mobilises the human and technical resources in just a few hours as close as possible to the disaster site.  Depending on the place, the urgency and the type of disaster, Anubis deploys the material necessary on the zone, and ensures its storage and monitoring.

In case of disaster that leads to multiple deaths (such as airplane crash, natural disaster, attack and so on…) Anubis actively participates in the establishment of strategies and logistic operational plans. The intervention units are composed of funeral professionals who are transferred on the spot within a few hours after the disaster. Anubis’ experience is based on several delicate crisis managements.

Anubis is the official partner of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Crisis Centre, and also takes care of the official funeral ceremonies for French civils, providing assistance to families along the whole process.