Based around a technical platform, this department of Anubis is specialized in national and international funeral transport. To succeed in our transport and/or export procedures, Anubis offers particular attention to all operations linked to the transport of bodies.
We offer you a set of logistics services enabling you to obtain the services and information necessary to organize your transport from the airports all over the world. Anubis is involved at all stages of the transport chain : collection of the coffin, provision of contemplation room upon departure (or arrival), domestic transport, airport transport, customs operations, air transport, and transport from the airport to the recipient. Anubis has a comprehensive view of the logistics chain and works in consultation with the partners and participants of this same chain (suppliers, producers, transporters, service providers for outsourced functions).


E-logistic & services
The Anubis assistance package has just been broadened with new services dedicated to a clientele of professionals.  In fact, Anubis wishes to offer its expertise and its solutions with regard to the necessary funeral material and equipment at every level of the post mortem organisation chain.  With the support of qualified partners, Anubis is available to perform any study.