« When a death occurs in Europe or at the other side of the world, you may need assistance »

There are many assistance organizations, insurance companies, banks and mutual societies offering their clients funeral insurance and/or repatriation products in the event of death when traveling or on holiday.  Repatriation assistance is usually defined in the form of a contract which covers the cost of transport to the place of burial or cremation, and funeral insurance theoretically covers the funeral costs.

Anubis is the “International Funeral Assistance” provider for a large number of these organizations in Europe and Overseas.  Once the death is declared, the friends and family of the deceased person are put in contact with an Anubis assistance manager who will be their permanent contact.  Then, the methodical repatriation and/or funeral assistance is organized.  Thus, each link in the logistics chain is put in place one by one, via stages for evaluation of the situation and the wishes of the family, anticipation, planning, realization and finalization.  In particular, you can also make a declaration of death directly to Anubis, who will then be responsible, with your agreement, for contacting the insurance organizations in order to trigger the financial cover. In the absence of third party financing, a financial proposal will be submitted.