When you watch some official tributes broadcasted on television, could you image that behind all this, the teams of Anubis do their best behind the curtains? While you meet them, you can discover some really surprising stories. For example, bones belonging to Thomas Lawless, a Canadian soldier who died during the war in 1917, were identified and buried in France last year, with all military honors and in the presence of his descendants.

This activity – which may seem very technical, and it is – requires thorough professionalism, rigor, and organization. But above all, this service is profoundly human in a sense that we help suffering families, for whom this network of professionals is involved everyday. And when, on March 13th, Anubis CEO Dominic Vernhes received a letter from the US Embassy in Paris, recognizing the help and expertise provided by his teams, he was simply proud of them and of the work they accomplished.