ITIJ interview Dominic Vernhes : Handle with care

Anubis was a comforting god for the ancient Egyptians, for whom the afterlife in the realm of Osiris was more important than their earthly life Read More

TERRORIST ATTACK OF LONDON: The bodies of the three French victims repatriated by Anubis.

The bodies of the three French victims killed in the June 3th terrorist attacks in London were repatriated by Anubis on Thursday June 15th at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. The plane from London carrying the three coffins landed shortly after 12H00. The Minister of Justice, François Bayrou, and the families of the victims were present… Read More

Interview IGA Group, Dominic VERNHES, the CEO and founder of the Anubis Group

DOMINIC VERNHES, THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF THE ANUBIS GROUP, THE IAG FUNERAL PREFERRED PROVIDER IN FRANCE RECENTLY VISITED THE IAG HO IN PARIS. Providers C. Hermetz reports: “It is not easy to meet with Dominic, a true globe trotter travelling 300 days a year to visit the Anubis branches (Sint Maarten in the Caribbean… Read More