Tip:  » Quick arrangements, overcoming organisational and cost difficulties, being available day and night and answering all the questions from family and friends, this is our profession.  »  Dominic VERNHES, CEO of Anubis Group.

Anubis is a global player in International Funeral Assistance.  Our services are targeted at both professionals and private individuals. When a death occurs, it is essential to offer assistance and practical support to families mourning the death of a loved one and who are very rarely informed on the procedures to follow. It is therefore very important that all people who may become involved at the time of a death are mobilized to ensure the smooth progress of the repatriation and also the funeral. Whether you are a funeral professional, a bank, an insurance/assistance company, a mutual society, a national or international organization or an administrative body (Embassy, Consulate, etc.), we have a range of solutions adapted to your activity and your needs.